Workplace Wellness
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Workplace Wellness Training Material

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Seeing is Believing This sample manual to teach Workplace Wellness is in MS Word format.

About Workplace Wellness Training Material

Taking two days out of a busy schedule enables participants in this course to learn everything they need about creating a workplace wellness program. They will learn how to conduct a needs analysis, gather information, engage the leadership as well as the entire workplace population, and launch a successful program. In addition, they will learn to evaluate different types of program topics to determine the best fit for their organization.

Softskills courses include tools that trainers really appreciate, including an engaging pre-assignment, assessments, detailed activities, a deck of preformatted PowerPoint slides, and more. Each element can be delivered exactly as it's presented, or you can easily customize it. Add pictures of wellness programs you have been a part of or include participants' pictures. The options are many, and only limited by your imagination.