Workplace Ergonomics
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Workplace Ergonomics Training Material

Workplace Ergonomics Training Materials are designed for training employees how to prevent injuries through ergonomics. Confidently teach staff and management how to sit, configure their workstations and more!

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Seeing is Believing This sample manual to teach Workplace Ergonomics is in MS Word format.

About Workplace Ergonomics Training Material

Ergonomics is a hot topic! People are realizing that the demands that we place on our bodies can take a toll. Velsoft’s two-day Workplace Ergonomics Trainnig Material offers an introduction to essential topics such the components of an ergonomic assessment cycle, solutions for various ergonomic hazards, rules and regulations, and more. These training materials are rich with current content and focus on applying ergonomic principles to make any workplace a healthier and safer one.

Our training materials are designed to provide the busy trainer with everything they need to deliver a course with real impact. Instructor and student guides, a quick reference guide, supplementary reading list, PowerPoint slides, as well as detailed activities are included. This is a must have course! With options to integrate blended learning opportunities, your training materials will be unforgettable!