Word 2007 - Intermediate
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Word 2007 - Intermediate Training Material

Word 2007 Intermediate Training Materials are designed for trainers to teach staff and supervisors how to use Word 2007 in the workplace at an intermediate level. Confidently teach employees how to encrypt documents, set file passwords, digitally sign documents, insert page numbers, how to use headers and footers and more!

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Seeing is Believing This sample manual to teach Word 2007 - Intermediate is in MS Word format.

About Word 2007 - Intermediate Training Material

You've been using earlier versions of Word for a long time and have many, many documents in that version. Afraid that resume done in Word XP or that novel you started in Word 2003 will become useless or corrupted if you upgrade to Word 2007? This new version of Word lets you open the files in the native version in compatibility mode, as well as it will let you convert the document into 2007 format.

We at Trainingmaterials.com can understand that you might be a bit hesitant to want to work with Word 2007. Our courseware teaches the ins and outs of the program and lets you teach others with ease.

Take the training materials and edit any way you need. Remove our logo and replace it with yours. Change the examples to make it more locally relative. It's completely customizable!

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