Windows XP - Intermediate
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Windows XP - Intermediate Training Material

Windows XP Intermediate Training Materials for training employees how to use Windows XP at an intermediate level. Confidently train your staff the difference between Windows XP home and Windows XP Professional, how to customize menus and toolbars, utilize internet and networking tools, sound, speech and audio devices and more!

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Seeing is Believing This sample manual to teach Windows XP - Intermediate is in MS Word format.

About Windows XP - Intermediate Training Material

In this second level of Windows XP courseware, we go a bit deeper in to the aspect's of the operating system. With all of the course's components such as the study guide, PowerPoint slides, Exercise Files and Quick Reference Guides, you will be able to understand and teach others the operating system with ease.

The program has been publicly available since October 2002 and on personal computers is still the most used operating system worldwide. Even after nine years, the user-base is still very high and the need for XP training is as high as ever.

If you're not sure if's courseware is what you need, feel free to download a free sample of our completely customizable training materials.

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Windows XP - Intermediate is part of the Computer Fundamentals Bundle