Windows Vista - Foundation
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Windows Vista - Foundation Training Material

Windows Vista Training Materials are designed for trainers to develop employees’ Vista knowledge in the workplace at the foundation level. Confidently train the basics of Windows Vista, how to interact with Vista, use the start menu, system tray, help and support and more!

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Seeing is Believing This sample manual to teach Windows Vista - Foundation is in MS Word format.

About Windows Vista - Foundation Training Material

Windows Vista, the successor to Microsoft's Windows XP operating system, was released in 2007 to great fanfare. With a new visual layout and improved security features such as the User Access Control gave users a better sense of security.

If your business or organization is going to take the step and migrate to Windows Vista,'s foundation courseware will make the transition as easy as can be.

Discover for yourself the quality-rich content of's Windows Vista courseware. It's completely customizable; edit it to suit your needs. Download a free sample today. If you're in the market for training materials, you'll be glad you did.

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