Windows 8 - Expert
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Windows 8 - Expert Training Material

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Seeing is Believing This sample manual to teach Windows 8 - Expert is in MS Word format.

About Windows 8 - Expert Training Material

This course contains everything you need to teach participants about Windows 8's most advanced features. This training package includes topics like the Control Panel, accessibility options, computer optimization, Task Manager, hardware and software management, networking, and troubleshooting. We've included textbook information plus several types of activities to help your participants get the most out of this training experience.

This Windows 8 Expert training package includes a course outline, an instructor guide, exercise files, a self-study guide, PowerPoint slides, quick reference guide, and so much more! Even better, it's completely customizable so that you can design the perfect workshop for your participants.

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Windows 8 - Expert is part of the Computer Fundamentals Bundle