Using Activities to Make Training Fun
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Using Activities to Make Training Fun Training Material

This training courseware title provides everything you need to professionally deliver Using Activities to Make Training Fun training including editable training manual, hands-on exercises, exercise files, detailed instructor guide, classroom-ready PowerPoint slides, and unlimited online learning licensing.
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Seeing is Believing This sample manual to teach Using Activities to Make Training Fun is in MS Word format.

About Using Activities to Make Training Fun Training Material

Trainers need a framework for creating activities so that they can appeal to the range of learners in any class. This one-day training materials course includes information on getting buy-in for activities, appealing to reluctant participants, troubleshooting, as well as a handy template for designing your own activities. You'll also learn some activities that are easy to modify and can be used to support different learning objectives.

Trainers love our comprehensive training materials, which include customizable instructor and participant guides, detailed activities, assessments, and even a recommended reading list for students who want to learn more. For those of you working with distance education or wishing to appeal to mobile learners, you can also offer our course materials through eLearning.