Upgrading to Visio 2010
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Upgrading to Visio 2010 Training Material

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Seeing is Believing This sample manual to teach Upgrading to Visio 2010 is in MS Word format.

About Upgrading to Visio 2010 Training Material

If you're looking for a comprehensive, customizable course about Microsoft Visio 2010's newest features, check out this one-day course!

To start, participants will learn about the interface and how to customize it. They will also review Visio's new features and the various editions available.

The second section of the course begins with an overview of various types of Visio templates. Then, shape arrangement tools (such as Auto Align and Auto Space) and picture formatting tools are covered. Participants will also learn about My Shapes, Quick Shapes, themes, diagram management tools, printing tools, and publishing a diagram as a PDF or XPS file.

The third section of the course focuses on containers and callouts. Then, the fourth section of the course covers process diagrams, cross-functional flowcharts, data graphics, and legends.

We've included everything you need to teach this Upgrading to Visio 2010 course. In your course package, you'll find an instructor guide, sample exercise files, exercise workbook, PowerPoint slides, quick reference guide, and so much more!