Survival Skills for the New Trainer
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Survival Skills for the New Trainer Training Material

Develop trainers with ease by learning the survival skills needed to become a trainer. Teach new in-house trainers how to prepare, build assertiveness skills, how to ask the right questions, the essentials for training success and more!

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Seeing is Believing This sample manual to teach Survival Skills for the New Trainer is in MS Word format.

About Survival Skills for the New Trainer Training Material

Trainers love these training materials, which are designed to be put to work as soon as you get them. This program provides a one-day comprehensive overview of the essential skills for new trainers. From dealing with difficult participants, to knowing what it takes to motivate adults to engage in learning, you've got it all. We've also included how to look your best professionally, how to be assertive, the do's and don'ts for new trainers, and more.

Your training materials are completely and easily customizable, from the instructor and participant guides, to pre- and post-assessments, a pre-assignment, and quick reference guide. You could also consider a blended learning approach to reach more participants and appeal to those who love learning from their mobile devices.