Strategic Planning
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Strategic Planning Training Material

Strategic Planning Training Materials are designed for trainers to teach managers and staff how to plan strategically for business. Train employees how to understand strategic planning, define the vision process, perform SWOT analysis, assign roles, responsibilities, accountabilities and more!

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Seeing is Believing This sample manual to teach Strategic Planning is in MS Word format.

About Strategic Planning Training Material

This two-day strategic planning courseware is ideal for students who are ready to approach strategic planning for the first, second, or even the tenth time. We've designed a comprehensive approach so that they learn and develop skill with defining the company values, creating a vision, and setting the mission. They will go on to complete SWOT analyses properly, set meaningful goals, assign accountabilities, predict and solve problems, make decisions, cope with change, and more.

We've included tools that trainers love, including a detailed instructor's guide, training tips, activities, assessments, student guide, preformatted PowerPoint slides, and more. If your students are looking for blended learning that they can access on their mobile devices, we've got that too!