SharePoint Designer 2007 - Foundation
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SharePoint Designer 2007 - Foundation Training Material

SharePoint Designer 2007 Training Materials are designed for trainers to develop employees’ SharePoint 2007 at a foundation level. Teach staff what’s new in SharePoint 2007, web design 101, understand the structure of a website, create a basic page and more!

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Seeing is Believing This sample manual to teach SharePoint Designer 2007 - Foundation is in MS Word format.

About SharePoint Designer 2007 - Foundation Training Material

With SharePoint Designer 2007 you will be more productive with next generation internet functionality.The internet is constantly changing. New formats and standards are always coming out changing the face of the world wide web. If you're in the web publishing field you will need software that will produce results, and that's what Microsoft's SharePoint Designer 2007 will help you do.Built upon the success and functionality of the software's previous version, FrontPage 2003, SharePoint Designer has new added capabilities to help create the perfect website. These functions and more are ready to learn in the courseware by! Download our free sample and see how our training materials can help you help others create the best the web can offer.