SharePoint Designer 2007 - Expert
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SharePoint Designer 2007 - Expert Training Material

SharePoint Designer 2007 Expert Training Materials is designed for trainers to develop SharePoint experts in the workplace. Confidently train staff how to use forms, JavaScript, script editor, use contributor settings and many other expert SharePoint skills!

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Seeing is Believing This sample manual to teach SharePoint Designer 2007 - Expert is in MS Word format.

About SharePoint Designer 2007 - Expert Training Material

The internet has an immensely huge number of websites on it. At the end of 2010, there were approximately 255 MILLION websites. When you factor in that each site has numerous pages of content, you can be looking at many billions of individual pages on the World Wide Web. And these numbers increase every single day.

While many, if not most, websites are simple ones, there are many pages that require complex coding that for many people or companies they just aren't able to do. Sometimes the only option to maintain these sites is to pay a third party to do the work.

Sometimes training in-house staff is a better solution, and when you have easy to use and customizable learning tools for you to teach the more expert level components of SharePoint Designer 2007, it makes the process cost effective against hiring externally.

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