SharePoint Designer 2007 - Advanced
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SharePoint Designer 2007 - Advanced Training Material

SharePoint Designer 2007 Advanced Training Materials are designed for trainers to train staff SharePoint 2007 at an advanced level. Confidently develop employees’ skills such as how to create content pages, apply styles to text, how to filter and sort data, and much more!

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Seeing is Believing This sample manual to teach SharePoint Designer 2007 - Advanced is in MS Word format.

About SharePoint Designer 2007 - Advanced Training Material

One of the most annoying problems with website development is cross-browser compatibility. What looks perfect in one web browser may be slightly (or even drastically) different looking in another. When you're trying to reach the largest possible audience you don't want any portion of them not able to see what you are trying to present.

There are web standards; changes in the code so that all browsers display what you want them to display. You can learn these standards or have them inserted automatically into your website code by SharePoint Designer 2007. There's no need to learn extra background coding when it really isn't necessary.

Our courseware, which is fully customizable, is perfect for teaching others the ins and outs of SharePoint Designer 2007. And when you're teaching a class you can print as many copies as you like because our training materials are print on demand... print what you want whenever you want!

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