Self Leadership
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Self Leadership Training Material

Self-Leadership Training Materials are designed for employees to develop self-leadership skills. Trainers can confidently teach the workplace how to define self-leadership, identify dreams and goals, how to support life-long learning, the ABC’S of optimism and more!

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Seeing is Believing This sample manual to teach Self Leadership is in MS Word format.

About Self Leadership Training Material

This one-day program includes topics that trainers can customize to fully meet the needs of their students. The sessions included bring self-leadership to a tangible platform as students explore their values and goals, explore positive and negative aspects of their current environment, manage change and develop habits to support the four pillars of self-leadership.

Self-Leadership Training Materials are customizable to meet your training style. Add your own personal touch if you like! This course will have you building the confidence and leadership skills of your organization in no time!

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