Publisher 2007 - Advanced
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Publisher 2007 - Advanced Training Material

Publisher 2007 Advanced Training Materials are designed for trainers to develop employees’ Publisher 2007 skills at an advanced level. Teach employees how to create master pages, apply a master page to a variety of pages, manage Publisher styles, and add tables, word art, set language options and more!

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Seeing is Believing This sample manual to teach Publisher 2007 - Advanced is in MS Word format.

About Publisher 2007 - Advanced Training Material

There's been at least one time in your life that you've needed to create a professional looking document. Was it the business cards your boss asked you to make? How about the flyer your spouse asked you to design for the family yard sale? And let's not forget the dual-sided brochures for the new product line at work.

How did they turn out?

You probably did a good job, but what if you were instructed on the advanced concepts behind Publisher? It's a feature rich application for both home and office users and the courseware by can provide both with professionally written courseware. Teach others - and yourself in the process - Microsoft Publisher 2007 in plain english. No technical jargon, just easy to understand learning materials.

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