Outlook 2010 - Advanced
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Outlook 2010 - Advanced Training Material

Outlook 2010 Advanced Training Materials are designed to develop staff and supervisors’ Office Outlook skills at the advanced level. Train employees how to create and customize email signatures, how to attach items to email, contact management, social network connector, macro security and more!

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Seeing is Believing This sample manual to teach Outlook 2010 - Advanced is in MS Word format.

About Outlook 2010 - Advanced Training Material

With Microsoft Outlook 2010, you can manage all your personal information in one place. Velsoft’s advanced-level Outlook 2010 training materials will enable your students to take their knowledge of Outlook 2010 one step further to help them be more productive. Velsoft’s Outlook 2010 Advanced courseware teaches students about advanced e-mail, calendar, task, contact management, and view features. From there, students will learn how to customize Outlook using the Outlook Options dialog, custom forms, profiles, and the new Social Network Connector. Finally, students will learn about the Trust Center and the Outlook Address Book. Velsoft’s Outlook training materials are completely customizable, and include step-by-step tutorials and lesson plans ideal for trainers. With an instructor’s guide, detailed training material, student manuals, prepared PowerPoint slides, exercises designed to sharpen students’ skills, and more, it will be easier than ever to help your students improve their Outlook 2010 skills!