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OneNote 2013 Expert Training Material

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Seeing is Believing This sample manual to teach OneNote 2013 Expert is in MS Word format.

About OneNote 2013 Expert Training Material

Share with your students the pearls of wisdom that are contained in this version of Microsoft OneNote 2013 Expert.

Take your students on a 12-module journey that hits all the high points of OneNote 2013 along the way. Stops along the way include creating outlines, linking notes, OneNote Online, customizing OneNote, versions, Excel files in OneNote, using Visio files, equations, audio and video files, and customizing OneNote security.

All of our training materials are fully customizable to allow you to tailor the course to your teaching style, not the other way around. Each course contains all the material you need to present a full course the moment you download the package. You will receive an instructor guide, exercise workbook, quick reference guide, PowerPoint slides, advertorial, and more.

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