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Onboarding Program Training Material

Training Materials for developing an onboarding program is designed for training HR managers the essential rules for developing an amazing onboarding program for new employees. Teach employees how to create the onboarding team, define what onboarding is, how to set goals, ten ways to make a unique program and much more!

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Seeing is Believing This sample manual to teach Onboarding Program is in MS Word format.

About Onboarding Program Training Material

Onboarding programs require more than initial workplace orientation for new hires and executives. They’re large, holistic programs with equally large benefits: companies with effective onboarding programs are more likely to retain employees over a five-year stretch than those without. Onboarding programs are considered fundamental for employee engagement.


Velsoft’s Onboarding Training Materials teach participants the essentials of onboarding practices. First, participants will learn how to put together their own onboarding steering team; then, students develop the necessary framework for an onboarding program unique to their workplace, including setting goals, and branding their onboarding program to reflect their business’ goals; finally, participants learn how to measure the results of their onboarding program in both the short- and long-term, ensuring their employees remain engaged. Also included are innovative onboarding practices and personal action plans that help translate what students learn to their offices.


Velsoft’s Onboarding Training Materials are completely customizable for instructors, who can brand and rearrange the material as necessary for their workshops. Trainers are also encouraged to augment their classroom-led training with Velsoft’s eLearning website, which allows students to work independently and go through the material at their own pace in a blended learning solution, to the benefit of both students and trainers!