MOS Preparation for Office 2010
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MOS Preparation for Office 2010 Training Material

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Seeing is Believing This sample manual to teach MOS Preparation for Office 2010 is in MS Word format.

About MOS Preparation for Office 2010 Training Material

We're excited to add this bundle to our training library, and we know you will be too! These courses focus on the topics required for the core Microsoft Office Specialist exams:

  • Exams 77-881 and 77-887 (Microsoft Word)
  • Exams 77-882 and 77-888 (Microsoft Excel)
  • Exam 77-883 (Microsoft PowerPoint)
  • Exam 77-884 (Microsoft Outlook)
  • Exam 77-885 (Microsoft Access)
  • Exam 77-853 (Microsoft OneNote)

This bundle features 15 outstanding multi-day courses. Each course contains the following components:

  • Instructor Guide
  • Student Manual
  • Exercise Files
  • Lesson Plan
  • PowerPoint Slides
  • Quick Reference Guide
  • Course Outline

And, like all Velsoft training materials, there are no renewal fees, and the material is completely customizable!