Microsoft 365 Excel: Part 2
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Microsoft 365 Excel: Part 2 Training Material

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Seeing is Believing This sample manual to teach Microsoft 365 Excel: Part 2 is in MS Word format.

About Microsoft 365 Excel: Part 2 Training Material

Microsoft Excel 365: Part 2 expands on learning from Part 1, helping users to become familiar with the more advanced features of the spreadsheet software. It covers how to create and use advanced formulas, analyze data, organize worksheet data with tables, visualize data with charts, insert graphics, and enhance workbooks.

This course uses the online version of Excel 365, not the desktop version.

The five lessons in the course focus on creating advanced formulas, analyzing data with functions, analyzing data using functions and PivotTables, working with tables, visualizing data with charts, inserting graphics, and enhancing workbooks.

The courseware kit includes activities, review questions, and lesson labs.

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