Lean Process Improvement
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Lean Process Improvement Training Material

Lean Process Improvement Training Material is designed for trainers to develop the essentials of improving process in the workplace. Train employees how to understand lean process, five critical improvement concepts, four types of waste, how to gather and map data and much more!

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Seeing is Believing This sample manual to teach Lean Process Improvement is in MS Word format.

About Lean Process Improvement Training Material

Lean process analysis is more than applying a few principles to the workplace and waiting to see results. An entire philosophy and way of working, Lean process improvement training is a way of constantly improving workplace methodology and management. If you’re ready to work like the best, it’s time to learn how they do it!

Based on three hundred years of proven effective techniques, Velsoft’s Lean Process Improvement training materials teach students how to get rid of wasted effort in the workplace and see improvement as a continuous cycle. Full of discussions, case studies, and group work to help learners understand the full range of concepts in Lean, trainers will find it easy to teach their students how to capitalize on efficiency and put the 20 key elements of Lean organizations to work.

Velsoft’s Lean training material is completely customizable for trainers, and includes an instructor’s guide, student manual, course assessments, and more! You can even combine your courseware with eLearning, Velsoft’s web-based platform where students can work through their training material at their own rate and experience the flexibility and dynamism of a blended learning solution that will meet everyone’s needs! What are you waiting for? Stop wasting effort and get Lean to get on top!