Internet Explorer 6
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Internet Explorer 6 Training Material

This training courseware title provides everything you need to professionally deliver Internet Explorer 6 training including editable training manual, hands-on exercises, exercise files, detailed instructor guide, classroom-ready PowerPoint slides, and unlimited online learning licensing.
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Seeing is Believing This sample manual to teach Internet Explorer 6 is in MS Word format.

About Internet Explorer 6 Training Material

Microsoft's Internet Explorer 6 has had a very long life, and in fact is still being used in large numbers today. Built-in to Microsoft's Windows XP operating system, it has become the default browser for millions of users worldwide. (Windows XP itself is still very widely used). Even after nine years after it's release, there is still a large user fanbase for IE6. So large, that Microsoft still releases updates and patches for the browser. You have to marvel at the browser’s longevity! Although newer versions of the browser have been released over the years, IE6 is still going strong.

Our courseware will show you the ins and outs of the program, from viewing websites to changing the settings. Unsure of how to set your security settings or set your default programs? How about browser add-ons?'s Internet Explorer 6 can show you and those you teach just how to do those - and more!


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Internet Explorer 6 is part of the Computer Fundamentals Bundle