Facilitation Skills
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Facilitation Skills Training Material

Facilitation Skills Training Material is designed for trainers to develop their abilities in facilitating training. Learn how facilitation works, how to establish ground rules, divergent thinking vs. convergent thinking, team development and more!

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Seeing is Believing This sample manual to teach Facilitation Skills is in MS Word format.

About Facilitation Skills Training Material

In this dynamic, highly interactive course, new and seasoned facilitators will learn about the top techniques for facilitation. In a participant-centered design, students will learn the differences between facilitation and other ways to lead meetings and learning. They will also develop the skills to apply techniques such as reaching agreement and team voting. Participants will explore the stages of team development, making decisions to be a better listener, asking strong questions, testing assumptions, and more.

One major factor in facilitation is to include all participants, whether the topics are controversial or the participants have difficulty communicating. This course includes two days worth of training materials to teach participants how to create a winning facilitated environment, where facilitators feel secure in their role to stay detached from outcomes and participants are fully accountable for their decisions and results.

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