Excel 2010 Foundation
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Excel 2010 Foundation Training Material

Excel 2010 Training Materials are designed for trainers to develop employees’ and managers’ spreadsheet skills at a foundation level. Confidently train staff what Excel is, how to create open and save workbooks, learn the ribbon layout to maximize time and much more!

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Seeing is Believing This sample manual to teach Excel 2010 Foundation is in MS Word format.

About Excel 2010 Foundation Training Material

Our customizable Excel 2010 Training Materials for Office Excel 2010 has been professionally designed to provide instructors and employees with the best resource available for learning how to use the program. Interacting with Office Excel 2010 can be a very intimidating task. Learners can quickly become overwhelmed with the thousands of possibilities for organizing information. As well, transforming data into a workbook can be a critical step to streamlining business practices, and users need to know how to do it correctly.



The format of our Office Excel 2010 training materials ensure that instructors and students can easily follow the flow of information; step by step. Even through the most advanced applications of Office Excel 2010, students and instructors can easily navigate the sections of the course. Instructors can progress with training at a comfortable rate for the class. Students are able to understand the new information, before moving on to the next section


Using our Excel 2010 Training Materials, instructors will be able to demonstrate to their students effective methods for using all of the features Office Excel 2010 has to offer. Our content for Excel 2010 provides instructors and staff with accurate and resourceful “how-to pictures.” The visual aid of “screen shots” included in our training material demonstrates to users exactly where and how to access these options. The “screen shots” act as a personal trainer, showing users the correct way to perform the functions of the program.

Calculating results has never been so easy, using Office Excel 2010. Training instructors will be absolutely pleased to give their learners the best training experience for Office Excel 2010. After using the customizable Office Excel 2010 Courseware, users will be proficient in understanding the complexities of the program.