Excel 2007 Core Essentials
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Excel 2007 Core Essentials Training Material

Training Material for teaching your employees the Core Essentials of Excel 2007. Develop supervisors’ and staff spreadsheet skills, the basics of navigating through Excel, how to understand cell references and formulas, inserting smart art, text boxes, printing and other time-saving tasks to becoming an Excel power user!

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Seeing is Believing This sample manual to teach Excel 2007 Core Essentials is in MS Word format.

About Excel 2007 Core Essentials Training Material

Learning new software packages can be a daunting task. Applications have grown in complexity to the point where it seems that it's impossible to learn.

The Excel 2007 title from the Core Essentials series clears the way for you to learn the basics of Microsoft's spreadsheet program. You can't learn advanced features such as pivot tables when the screen before you is totally foreign!

After downloading your free sample of Trainingmaterial.com's courseware - fully customizable to fit your exact needs - you'll see that it is easy to use and perfect for instructing others on Excel 2007.