Crisis Management
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Crisis Management Training Material

Crisis Management Training Material for employees to learn how to effectively deal with crisis situations. Confidently train your workforce how to define what a crisis is, conducting an audit, how to perform a risk level analysis, essential crisis plan elements and more!

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Seeing is Believing This sample manual to teach Crisis Management is in MS Word format.

About Crisis Management Training Material

Training materials never used to be this helpful! This two-day crisis management course comes complete with sessions on conducting audits and identifying risks, problem solving, incident response, arranging training, selecting the crisis management team, business continuity, and moving from crisis response to recovery.

Our training materials are designed to provide the busy trainer with everything they need to deliver a course with real impact. Instructor and student guides, a quick reference guide, supplementary reading list, PowerPoint slides, as well as detailed activities are all included. This is a must-have course! With options to integrate blended learning opportunities, your training materials will be unforgettable!