Conducting Effective Performance Reviews
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Conducting Effective Performance Reviews Training Material

Performance Reviews Training Materials for training supervisors and managers how to conduct effective performance reviews. Train managers the four stereotype tendencies of performance appraisals, the management process, creating smart goals for employees, how to deal with the worst-case scenario and more!

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Seeing is Believing This sample manual to teach Conducting Effective Performance Reviews is in MS Word format.

About Conducting Effective Performance Reviews Training Material

If you're looking for customizable, comprehensive training materials on conducting effective performance reviews, look no further! We've designed an engaging three-day program that will take participants through the performance review process from start to finish. Sample forms, preparation tools, interview tips, coaching techniques, communication strategies - it's all here!

You'll receive an instructor's guide, student manual, PowerPoint slides, marketing materials, assessments, and much more! Even better, these performance review training materials are completely customizable. To top it off, we also offer this course as eLearning so that you can design a blended-learning experience for your participants.