Computer Basics - Foundation
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Computer Basics - Foundation Training Material

Computer Basics Training Materials are designed to train the basics of computer knowledge in the workplace. Develop employees’ computer skills at a foundation level. Confidently teach your staff basic terms such as what is a computer, hardware, software, types of computers, the anatomy of a computer and more!

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Seeing is Believing This sample manual to teach Computer Basics - Foundation is in MS Word format.

About Computer Basics - Foundation Training Material

It's never too late to learn about computers. They're all around us and we use them on a daily basis. Some people haven't used them as much as others, while some people haven't used them at all. If those you will be instructing are unfamiliar with computers, we have the expertly written training manuals for you.

What are the basic parts of a computer? What is the internet and how do I use it? What's the difference between a laptop and a desktop? These are questions that are very commonly asked and if you're unsure on the best way to teach others, has the courseware you need. Samples of the topics covered in this course are hardware, software and basic concepts and terminology.

The courseware has no renewal fees - once you purchase them, they're yours to keep without having to pay year after year.

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