Computer Basics - Advanced
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Computer Basics - Advanced Training Material

Computer Basics Advanced Training Materials are designed to teach the basics of computer use in the workplace. Develop employees’ computer skills at an advanced level. Train employees how to start up the computer, basic tasks such as changing keyboard language, formatting a removable disk, customizing the computer, how to understand file and folder management and more!

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Seeing is Believing This sample manual to teach Computer Basics - Advanced is in MS Word format.

About Computer Basics - Advanced Training Material

You'll be learning how to work with the computer in the advanced level of Computer Basics. We examine how to customize your computer to have it look like you want, from color scheme to font size to wallpaper background, as well as looking into managing folders and compressed files.

Some people in the learning environment may be just that much more advanced than others or you might find that in the courseware there's material that you didn't plan on covering. Our material is fully and completely customizable so it will fit in exactly with the course you planned on instructing. Add or remove sections you don't need... even remove our logo and replace it with yours.

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Computer Basics - Advanced is part of the Computer Fundamentals Bundle