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Business Contact Manager 2010 - Complete Training Material

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Seeing is Believing This sample manual to teach Business Contact Manager 2010 - Complete is in MS Word format.

About Business Contact Manager 2010 - Complete Training Material

Are you looking for top-quality training materials to teach your customers all about Microsoft Business Contact Manager 2010? Then this complete, one level course is just for you!

This three-day Microsoft Business Contact Manager 2010 training course walks students through everything that the program has to offer. They will start by learning how to set up Business Contact Manager, use the improved dashboards, and customize what they see with gadgets. Then, they will learn about the most important objects in Business Contact Manager 2010: accounts, business contacts, opportunities, leads, business projects, project tasks, stores, vendors, business history, and communication history. We even cover sales management tools, the Products and Services dialog, call lists, mass e-mail campaigns, direct mail (print) campaigns, and mail merge. Information on program customization, reports, database management, and import and export tools wraps up the course.

Participants will benefit from hands-on exercises and freeform tasks that are included for each lesson. We offer several types of activities that let you customize learning for each of your workshops.