Bullying in the Workplace
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Bullying in the Workplace Training Material

Bullying in the Workplace is a serious issue. Confidently train supervisors and employees how to recognize the signs of bullying, prevention tactics, what to do if you witness bullying and much more with Bullying in the Workplace Training Material.

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Seeing is Believing This sample manual to teach Bullying in the Workplace is in MS Word format.

About Bullying in the Workplace Training Material

The total cost to American corporations because of workplace bullying is estimated to be in the billions of dollars each year – and that’s not counting the rest of the world! From increased cost benefits, to a decrease in productivity and morale, bullies in the workplace take their toll on everyone involved. Velsoft’s bullying training material has been developed to provide trainers with an easy, customizable way to guide participants through the process of creating their own anti-bullying policy for their businesses so they can immediately begin making improvements to their work environment.

A one-day workshop,

Bullying in the Workplace

begins by defining bullying so that participants will be able to recognize it when it happens; then, moves on to breaking down the costs and effects of bullying behavior in the workplace; teaches participants how to protect themselves if someone tries to bully them; and helps them identify appropriate solutions while showing them what anti-bullying policies require to be effective. Velsoft’s training material is completely customizable for instructors! It includes individual lesson plans broken into separate sessions that can be rearranged as necessary, pre- and post-course assessments, an instructor guide, and access to Velsoft’s eLearning website, which can be used to create a dynamic blended learning experience in the classroom.