Advanced Skills for the Practical Trainer
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Advanced Skills for the Practical Trainer Training Material

Advanced Practical Trainer Skills Training Materials are  designed with trainers and facilitators in mind. Confidently develop training skills to master your delivery in the classroom. Develop the training role, how to accommodate learning preferences, increasing your expertise, managing the stress of training and more!

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Seeing is Believing This sample manual to teach Advanced Skills for the Practical Trainer is in MS Word format.

About Advanced Skills for the Practical Trainer Training Material

Take the challenge out of adult training: you don't have to do it all yourself! This course provides trainers with a train-the-trainer course for trainers looking for advanced experience. Learners will achieve a deeper understanding of the trainer's role and training competencies. They will take on the challenge of team teaching in your supportive training environment as a capping exercise to learning about making adjustments to the training program, customizing materials, using the four levels of evaluation, and the benefits to over-planning. They'll also learn how to lower their own stress levels as they develop skill at lowering stress in the training environment.

Advanced Practical Trainer Training Materials include content rich courseware designed with the busy trainer in mind. You'll get an instructor's guide, student's guide, testing material, a quick reference guide, and more. If you'd like to combine this with eLearning, we also offer a blended learning for mobile learners.

Want to see the topics you will cover in this course? Check out the Advanced Practical Trainer Course Outline.