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Are professional employee and staff training materials worth the investment?

Choosing the right employee and staff training materials for your organization can be an intimidating task. Professional training materials are often a costly investment, and you must be fully confident that they meet your instructional needs, as well as the needs of your learners. Evaluating the content of a course is one of your major responsibilities as an instructor when deciding to purchase training course materials. The content should contain all of the information you hope to deliver to your students.

This is why we believe that customizable professional training materials are the best option for instructors and learners. Changes can be made to the content to represent the particular experiences of the group of students. You can edit them any way you choose, to effectively teach the course to staff, employees or other students.

Every training situation is different. Every student brings new ideas and new challenges to their instructors. By choosing our professional, customizable training materials, you can anticipate the interests and needs of your group of learners, and adjust accordingly. For example, you might want to edit the case studies within the course content to include the names of the participants in the workshop. Or, by inserting familiar faces such as staff members or other employees into the powerpoint slides, students will be further engaged by the training materials. Your students' involvement and participation in the training session is one of the best indications that the course materials are working effectively.

Most instructors have become accustomed to spending huge portions of their training budget on shipping packages of materials. Our products, however, are located on software disks. You can simply insert the disk into your computer and open the training material documents in any word processing program. They can be "printed on demand" This means that you have the ability of printing as many or as few training manuals as you need.

Our sustainability statement:

Velsoft is 100 % Nova Scotia owned and operated. We are committed to providing sustainable long- term employment to residents of Nova Scotia.

We have worked with the Nova Scotia Community College to provide work terms opportunities and job experience to its students. We also participate in Employment Nova Scotia's wage subsidy programs to assist employees in rejoining the workforce.

Where possible, we purchase locally. We gladly accept the challenges associated with being based in Nova Scotia but are convinced that the benefits outweigh the costs. We strive to make our community a better place. This includes advocating recycling, composting and using every possible opportunity to conserve energy.

As a software provider, we offer our customers and partners the option to download our products over the internet instead of requiring us to ship them physical product. We encourage them to choose the download delivery method through pricing and also by stressing that the download mechanism ensures that they always have the most recent product version.

Velsoft is supportive of employees telecommuting and has a number of staff that work from home. We also encourage car-pooling when travel is required.

Our most recent product offering enables our customers to access their training material and course content through our eLearning platform. We believe and hope that this product will greatly reduce the amount printing that takes place. We also believe and hope that this product will reduce the tremendous amount of travel that is required for instructor led learning.

While we accept that printing and travel will always be associated with the training industry, we encourages all clients that purchase instructor lead content to print double sided. We find that most people are receptive to this idea. Since our training material is fully customizable we also encourage customers to delete course content that is not relevant to their audience. This also reduces the amount of printing that is required.

In summary, Velsoft is committed to maintaining a lasting, sustainable presence on the Nova Scotia business landscape. If you have any suggestions as to how we can make our products more environmentally friendly, please do not hesitate to email us at

Why do our customers turn to us?

Our Customers receive:

  • Top-quality, up-to-date information in all courses.
  • A complete package that offers the trainer multiple ways to deliver any course.
  • Completely customizable materials; add your own logo and contact information.
  • Easy accessibility, as all materials are prepared using Microsoft Office.

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